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Design a living room that actually overflows with life, a welcoming, warm space that will host your daily activities and family social needs. Efficient, luxurious and comfortable, take your pick from the ALBED catalogue, and choose the furniture to create an ideal space that will be there for you every day, to enjoy, to relax, to host your important moments and to comfort you after a hard day’s work.


A bedroom fit for a king and queen, regardless of your space size and layout. In ALBED we ensure that the room hosting your repose is exactly what you have dreamt of, offering in our catalogue a wide variety of bedroom furniture to choose from, certain that we cover your every need in comfort.


An endless field of dreams, creativity, fantasy, colours and music, this is what your children deserve and what ALBED wants to offer to them and to your family. Find in our catalogue the furniture that will embrace your children and keep them safe and happy through their fantastic voyage of growing up and becoming the best they possibly can. Safe, functional, ergonomic, fanciful furniture that your children will love.


The very centre of your home, where the heart of the family beats every day of the year, your kitchen is a space that has to represent your style and taste as well as cover all the individual and family needs, efficiently, smartly and effortlessly. The ALBED kitchen choices abide by any fancy, and the guaranteed quality furniture are sure to be there for your family for the many happy years to come.