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ALBED group, a family business furniture production company, founded in 1992, proud of its state-of-the-art production facilities, heritage and values. With a production capacity covering categories such as bedroom, living room, dining room and kitchen, the company is now making a strategic step into the European market, with the ambition to share its vision on quality furniture making beyond national borders.
Modern yet classic, our collections are here to serve every house-based need in terms of functionality and style. Every piece that comes out of our workshop represents our unique philosophy and passion about quality furniture making, unparalleled quality and impeccable design.
Our spirit of a family business is reflected both on our production progress and the final result, which we are first and foremost proud to present to our customers. Our family extends far beyond the three generations of furniture makers, of our own kin. Our employs, craftsmen and technicians, are indeed part of this extended family, trained in our ways of manufacturing and allowed into the secrets of our trade learned through our expertise, passion and long experience of practise. Our creative vision is only viable because it is collective, and this reflects to the quality of our products and our dedication to satisfy every need and taste.
ALBED benefits from our heritage, our dedication and our deep roots into the secrets of old and trusted furniture makers. With our experience firmly set into tradition, we can ambitiously gaze into the future, and bring out the best of this fundamental combination.


Everyone has a unique personality. Every family is a special unit with their own requirements and characteristics. Every home should be the reflection of the individual character and peculiarities of the people it is hosting, so that everyone can grow and flourish in an environment representing their singular needs and tastes. ALBED offers you the opportunity to build your space according to your desires and demands, with custom furniture production, taking into account your every wish and the specifications of your space and particular occasions. Our team of experienced designers will be with you every step of the way to prepare and implement the household of your dreams.